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What is a 「 Wearable fighter aircraft 」 ?

This hoodie is like a dream that anyone can become a fighter just by wearing it literally.
A characteristic silhouette that becomes like a wing of a fighter as if you spread both hands is a design combining sense of humor, plus originality.

When Illustrator ”famy_shiraso” announced on SNS,

the voice saying "I really want it!" "I want to wear!" Flooded.

Then, let's make it really! !

So this time, it has been taken to commercialization.


famy_siraso x parfaite As a collaboration project
In case
"Wearable fighter aircraft”development project will take off soon!


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Currently, towards productization, formerly supervised by famy_siraso
As Parfaite vendor of "Wearable fighter aircraft"

We are making intensive projects.

Original pattern making use of characteristic silhouette.
A bold but delicate aircraft depiction.
A special 1st clothes that can make you feel special just by wearing it.

Elements that can be used as fighter aid
It packs in plenty and will be delivered to everyone soon.

Regarding product schedule and sales method
I will show you again later.
On the registration form at the bottom of this tissue site
If you fill in your e-mail address and receive "Delivery Registration"
We will inform you the latest information by e-mail.


We are looking forward to your participation!


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A creator who can become "a fighter aircraft".
Started acting as an illustrator since 2016.
Mainly handling illustrations and illustrations of light novels
He also focuses on coterie activities and original illustrations.

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famy_siraso(白蘇 ふぁみ)

Apparel brand founded in 2015 by LainNarumi (@ narumilain) produced by.
"Lace Limitation" and other original lingerie is developing.
Work on collaboration with illustrator as well as regular line
Worked on the production of former "sweets lingerie")supervised by ERIMO.
In this time I will be in charge of manufacturing, sales and promotion of "Wearable fighter aircraft"  making full use of the production background.

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2017 stunningarts,inc. all rights reserved.  under the supervision of fami_siraso

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We will send you the latest information by e-mail.

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